Firewood Poetry | Skin

  What does the mood churn out today? Don’t forget to not look at the Sun today, lest you go blind. Maybe look at the Sun?  

Wavy | American Ape

  Interludes to autumn are for lovers. Dreaming of my escape to Martinique but not before I get a taste of the cold.  

Comeback Season | Secret Weapons

  Youth can begin at any time. Leave what you want behind. I think you know what needs to go. You have more time than you think, but only if you use it well.  

Sadness | Isserley

  “Every night I lie awake and I wait. And every day it’s all the same.” “Since I’m here, I’m stuck, I’ve got time, it’s all mine.”

Distant Flows | Baignade

  You’re not safe. But that’s what makes it exciting.