Alli Fitz |Company


if he could have held you

with the grip of knowing

what elements you’re made of

you still would have burned through skin

it’s safer to put you down

close the door + throw away the key


photo / Olivia Bee

JANA | Keep


the sound of your pulse in my ears

I love your heavy steady heart

jolting me awake and calling me to sleep

watching my heart in another body


photo / Li Hui

CALAVÈRA | Ain’t Got You



What is love? am I in pieces?

I see the promise that you made

do you still feel the same?

I’m in the periphery

your story’s not about me it’s without me



photo / Carrie Brautigam

textile workers | a. harlana





I will build a city for you.

light first, sun later

tried & trying

I sense your slow impulsion all around me





writing /  NAM LE, Elegies

photo / tanya

edit / Anastasia


Jones Jones |Dreamer



my body, water, your body, a trail of hands carrying the river to the sea

at the end of the world, let there be you, my world

how often have i loved a thing because you loved it?

including me







writing / Danez Smith

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